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dentist_appointment.jpgIf you are ready to join the Anderson Dental Care family of satisfied family and cosmetic dentistry patients, we invite you to contact our San Diego, CA team to schedule an introductory dental examination. Click the button below or call us at 800.462.8749 to request your appointment.

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During your initial dental examination, Dr.  Anderson and our team will fully inspect the health of your teeth, gums, and your jaw. This examination will begin with a series of X-rays designed to give Dr. Nathan Anderson a complete look at the underlying structures of your jaw and teeth.  For patients returning to Anderson Dental Care for a six-month examination, X-rays will not be necessary unless required for a new issue like a broken or infected tooth.

The final portion of your general dentistry visit to Anderson Dental Care will be a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums. A member of our hygiene team will gently yet thoroughly clean your teeth and gums, finishing the procedure with a polish designed to highlight your healthy smile.

Patient Financing Options at Anderson Dental Care

At Anderson Dental Care, we understand that the cost of even the most basic dental care may be prohibitive for some of our patients. However, we believe that no patient should have to forgo dental treatment because cost is a concern.  We offer convenient financing and payment options so that even the most advanced <<INSERT SPECIALTY>> dentistry treatments are within the reach of each of our patients. We also make it a point to fully inform patients of the cost of treatment before we begin a procedure, so patients will never suffer "sticker shock" when they receive their bill.

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For a limited time, Dr. Nathan Anderson and the San Diego team at Anderson Dental Care are offering a special offer on dental treatment.  To take advantage of this offer, please contact us today at 800.462.8749!


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